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Muhterif Store sells antique items in the bazaar of Sandal Bedesteni in the Grand Bazaar. Our shop, which is one of the places that have been restored in accordance with the spirit of the historical bazaar, is waiting for you.

Sarıpınar Inc. Muhterif has also opened a branch in Uçhisar, Cappadocia.

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In our store at historical Grand Bazaar, you can find hundreds of antique items in different varieties.

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Muhterif; since 2018, has been established for a different concept with a contemporary approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions for our store in the context of corporate identity.

For now, our products are sold in Cappadocia and Istanbul Grand Bazaar stores.

You can shop at our stores with cash or credit card.

We serve at 09.00 am and 23.00 pm.

Very soon, our stores will be opened with the same concept abroad.

You can click the button on the side for contact information of our store.

Customer Comments

You can share your experiences about our stores from the communications section of our site or from social media accounts.

The customer representatives are extremely polite and transfer every detail of the products. Thank you.

Özge B.(Student)

First of all I visited Nevsehir Cappadocia store. It was in the concept of cafe & restaurant. It has a very different design similar to a museum. The store at Grand Bazaar is also very nice.

Hasan Ali Ak

  • I visited the store next to Nusret Burger in Sandal Bedesten. It was an impressive experience. Bless your work.

    Serhat Turan

  • It gives a historical view among antique products.

    Akın Ö.

  • For antique enthusiasts it has become definitely a place to visit in Istanbul.

    Arzu Ceyhan

  • We visited with my wife. An extremely nice store concept welcomed us.

    Ahmet Kaygusuz(Engineer)

  • For old furniture lovers, the new address in Istanbul is definitely Muhterif Store!

    Erhan Yazan

  • After the concept of Nevşehir, the Grand Bazaar store in Istanbul also appeals to every segment of people.

    Feray Türk(Architect)

  • After the delicious menu of Nevşehir store, we also visited the store in Istanbul. Muhterif seems to have opened a new door for art.

    Sevda Sarı

  • I have had the opportunity to visit many concept stores until today. But there is another smell of history and synergy in Muhterif.

    Mehmet Özdemir

  • If you like antique products, you will absolutely love this store too.

    Yusuf Demir

  • There are hundreds of works belonging to the old centuries in the shop. It is a well thought out, Muhterif Stores are beautiful details by all means.

    Hazel Taşdoğan(History Teacher)


Communication Alternatives

You can reach the Muhterif Store via social media accounts as well as by phone.

Grandbazaar: +90 212 522 46 38




Muhterif has opened a store in Sandal Bedesteni and Cappadocia in Kapalıçarşı in Istanbul for the time being. Our store, where ethnic, gourmet, antique, design and modernity are gathered together, will soon start to serve abroad.

By visiting our stores you can browse our colorful concepts and buy artwork.